Snaz up your web images – round the corners & give them depth

Tired of using boring flat images on your website?  Want to make it pop?

How to create 3D embossed images with rounded corners in powerpoint:

  1. Insert, shapes, rounded rectangle
  2. Adjust size: right click on shape, then click size and position (1.2″ high, 1.4″ wide for this example)
  3. Remove outline: right click again, shape outline, no outline
  4. Fill with picture: right click again, shape fill, picture
  5. Apply shape effects: click on the image, drawing tools/format*, Shape Effects (I chose preset 2 for this example)
  6. Save as picture (png for this example)


  • Powerpoint (I am using 2010 version)
  • An image cropped to the same aspect ratio as the desired size (or else the image will get stretched in step 4

* When you select an image in Powerpoint, some additional menu options appear including Drawing Tools and Picture Tools. You must click on an image to see these menus.

Step by Step (Powerpoint 2010):

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